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Aja (Benin and Togo)

Azove Map

Aplahoue Map

Anyi (Ivory Coast)

Kissi (Guinea)


Dagaara (Burkina Faso)

Ruguru (Tanzania)


Target Area Factsheets


City of Abidjan - Ivory Coast

City of Cotonou - Benin

Dyerma - Niger

Fon - Benin

Gurene - Ghana

Guere - Ivory Coast

Kpelle - Liberia

Sereer - Senegal

Ha - Tanzania

Makua - Mozambique

Northern Agni - Ivory Coast

Yoruba - Benin


Scholarly Research Sites


African Studies Repository

African South of the Sahara: Selected Internet Resources Excellently maintained by Karen Fung at Stanford University

Africa Research Central