Fact Sheet




526,300 (CRWM)




99% ATR

Upper East Region is 8% Christian, 3% Practicing (attend services)

1976-1986 Decadal Growth Rate of Protestant Churches--110%

	Missions Present	Number of Churches
	Anglican			 3
	Assemblies of God		10
	Church of Christ		 2
	Southern Baptist		 2
	SIM				 2
	WEC				 ?
	African Indigenous		17


Other Info


"Among the advantages of the northern region, especially the most northern part, which is relatively free from the tsetse fly so deadly to cattle, is an extensive savanna vegetation that is well-suited to livestock breeding" (EB, 878).


"At all levels in government and in public life, an effort has been made to play down tribal differences, a policy that has been helped by the adoption of English as the official language" (EB, 878).


EB=Encyclopedia Britanica CRWM=Larry Verderaa, "A Survey of for Christian and Reformed World Missions of Missions and Churches in West Africa," May 1991.