Christian Missions and Volunteers to Africa

African Culture

African religions, philosophy, languages, arts, health, and gender study resources.


Christian Mission Research

Demographics, maps, field selection, strategic planning tools, methodology articles and reports.

Mall for Missionaries and Volunteers

Appliances, generators, filters, books, medical and office supplies; travel, shipping, insurance, home schooling, continuing education, consulting, and much more.

Living in Africa

Daily living and emergencies.


Africa Embassies,  Mission Agencies, etc.

Embassies, Consular offices, U.S. African Affairs offices, African Universities, African Studies Programs, and Christian Mission Agencies.


News, Newspapers, Alerts, Currency Rates 

Sources of Africa news, missions news, relief agencies, weather, currency rates, security alerts, and links to African newspapers and radio stations.


Churches of Christ in Africa: History; Stats

History of the Churches of Christ in Africa, statistics, directory of congregations, institutions, and reports from missionaries.


Information Technology

Mission, government, and private initiatives in information technology and connectivity in and to Africa.



Richard Chowning's Writings

A collection of Richard Chowning's short stories, articles, and reflections drawn from more than 20 years in Africa.