Strategy Planning


Missionaries understand that strategy planning is only THEIR effort in the battle against Satan. They realize that the Holy Spirit is in control acting at a place and time of HIS is own choosing, sometimes simultaneously, sometimes sequentially. The following are original tools and examples for strategy planning in an African setting and links to other sources.


Field Selection Model

Importance of Ethnic Groups in Africa

What Should the End of Church Planting Mission Look Like?:End Product working paper - Fon (Benin) team

Leadership Training among Fon Churches of Christ:Notes 1994

Action Plan for Africa

Africa Still Rural

SIM Position Paper on Contextualization

SIM Position Paper on Power Encounter

Spiritual Encounters:by Richard Chowning

The Evangelism Expectation:by Richard Chowning

Initiating Church Planting Ministries in Africa:Survey of Evangelical Missions

Biblical Perspective on the Maintenance of a Church Planting Movement:lecture notes by Richard Chowning

Failures: Power and Politicsfrom Monday Morning Reality Check by Justin Long

Missions Among the Suffering Masses by Richard Chowning



One Team's Strategy Planning - Mission Among the Aja of Benin


Aja Team Strategy Formulation Model:a diagram in Power Point format (click to scroll through presentation)

Aja Team Contextual Influences Model:a Power Point presentation

Guiding Principles and Values of the Aja Team 1995

Aja Team Mission Statement Expanded

Aja Team Mission Vision