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Christianity and the African Media Back

Media causes profound impact upon overwhelming majority. It is utilized by the missionaries for the promotion of the religious teachings. Television, Radio and Print Media are the mediums which are utilized for the purpose.

The rate of embracing Christianity in Africa is an open secrete. Undoubtedly African Media played a reflective role in promotion of Christianity. As an instance, the member of International Gospel Church (ICGC) is owner of Joy FM in Ghana. Pastor Mensar Otabil who founded the ICGC started live religious programs on Joy FM radio as well on TV3 Program. He belongs to Charismatic churches which are regarded as reformers of African Christianity, emerged in 1970. Joy FM has also sponsored four all-night prayers from churches during elections in Ghana.

Charismatic Christianity has utilized the media for encouragement of evangelization as well as formulation and broadcasting its theology of prosperity. Otbail while conveying the New Year Message to the members of ICGC through Living World in 2005 expressed his views that the blessings of God would definitely eradicate the darkness and miseries of mankind. They proliferate that the Godís favor can be attained through material prosperity and utilized the texts of Bible for the support of their claims. Royal House Chapel: Power in His Presence, Word Miracle Church International: Your Miracle Encounter and Godís Miracle Hour etc. are the programs which spread such theology.

Video films are also released for the said purpose in West Africa by charismatic streams. These films portrays that God has upper hand to the power of the devil in the same manner as that of traditional Christian Priests.

Print Media is another form which aids in promotion of Christian theology. Books are published as well to aim at the purpose, for instance Archbishop Duncan-Williams.
As the role of African Media is considered in promotion of Christianity within the continent, it would be pertinent to say that the growth of Christian congregation is endowed to it.