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Health on Mission Trip Back

Mission Trip is meant for the plans made by Christian Churches to publicize and preach the religious teachings. These are arranged in such a manner that these propagate the educational, social, economical and medical activities with theological ideology that these endeavours cause the glory of God.

Such trips are arranged but certain things must be assured before going for any one of them. Along with other basic requirements such as arrangement of food, expenses, luggage etc. one should be vaccinated from all diseases like malaria, hepatitis, typhoid, yellow fever etc. to avoid oneself from being infected on such distant areas to which trips are arranged. Thus, the basic thing to do with health issue is vaccination before leaving.

Aspirant should go to doctor for complete medical check up and get an authorization letter from him. He has to as well Release Authorization from the dentist.

It is suggested that First Aid or Emergency Kit should be taken for temporary treatment of illness or tackle the minor accidents. Medication is considered as a part of First Aid. One should put inhaler for asthma, antibiotics for infection insulin for diabetes or other medicines. Another tip for health maintenance is to have International Health Insurance. Including Health Insurance, one should have travel insurance which can be useful in case of loss of luggage or emergency kit.

Including all other precautions, the most essential issue is concerned with the maintenance of health. It is advised that one should wash hands with soap and water and make use of antiseptic waterless solutions. One must prefer the mineral water and use sodas. Foods from roadside stands or unhygienic things should be avoided and prefer to eat fresh fruits, peeled and cooked vegetables or prepackaged snacks. Added to this, one should use plenty of water in humid or hot climate and avoid the ice.