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History of Christianity in Africa Back

The Religion not only imprints deeply upon the ways of living of people but also causes impacts upon art, culture, norms and values of society. It can be studied if roots and initiations are comprehended by going through the history. Christianity has great significance in Africa. Fundamentally, it propagates the belief in only God being creator of the World who sent his son Jesus called Messiah for being savior of the mankind and he died for the pride of religion and accomplishment of task.

By the end of 1st century AD the evidences can be rooted out regarding the presence of Christianity in North Africa when Mark; an evangelist brought the teachings from Jerusalem to Alexandria on the Egyptian Coast. Till 3rd Century, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Cyprian, Athanasius, Tertullian and Augustine of Hippo had embraced the Christianity.

The rate of embracing the religion was intense during first five centuries despite the fake teachings, prosecutions and martyrdom. Alexandria was Jewish populated city of Egypt which converted to Christianity due to Jewish revolt. Christianity started to make its roots toward East to Ethiopia when Ezana declared Christianity a Kingdomĺs official religion 4th Century AD. Constantine did the same for Roman Empire in 312. Portuguese brought Christianity to Sub-Saharan Africa in 15th Century and Dutch implemented reforms in Church of south of continent in 1652. Interior of the continent came under influence of Christian missions in 19th century due to colonialism.

Most of Southern, Central and Eastern and some of West African nations embraced Christianity. Almost 51.5% of the African population is Christian as per Britannica Encyclopedia.

The congregations toward Christianity started to reduce in North Africa due to rise of Islam. Roman Catholic Church and European Protestant Church made it possible for Christianity to be one of the vital religions of Africa. Christianity has proved itself a catalyst of change in Africato eradicate the stagnant situation and opened new horizons of progress.