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Acquiring a Visa for a Mission Trip Back

Mission is a term which is used for the arrangements made for propagation of religious ideology and specifically if designed to publicize the Christianity.

Generally it is pertinent for aspirant to move from one country to another, has to fulfill certain requirements. In the same manner, being a member of mission trip, one should have to go through such settled processes. It is necessary to have permission to leave the native country as well as authorization of entrance from the country to which mission trip is arranged. In case of former matter, passport from the native country has been issued and visa is form of consent from the state to which entrance is required.

Visa is a permission from the high commission or embassy of county to which trip is organized, issued in form of official stamp on passport or traveling documents of applicant. It also specify the duration of visit stating the objective of trip.

One has to obtain passport from state to which one is resident for the purpose of going through the process of obtaining visa from non-resident state. The duration required for fulfillment of processes is dependent upon the rules and regulations of states. Passport and visa can be obtained at last minute by making extra payment but it is not suggested until there is some sort of urgency.

Before issuance of Visa, non-resident state’s embassy may make necessary investigations from the resident state and individual as well. Visa fees are not refundable as per rules and regulations of countries. It is worthy to point it out that the visa application is once rejected it may become the reason of rejection of visa applied for some other country. Thus it is proposed that applicant with the purpose of mission trip, should be prepared beforehand for the queries made by visa officer.