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Africa and World Food Crisis How You Can Help Back

Consumption of adequate food is fundamental human right. But if the World scenario is overviewed, it is alarming that we are about to face severe droughts, famines and lack of food supplies due to environmental changes, global warming, trade imbalances and rise in food and fuel prices. It is estimated that almost 100 million are expected to face the risk of unavailability of sufficient food. Africa is the continent which is severely affected by the World Food Crisis. Though UNICEF and certain aid teams are working to cope up with the issue but the efforts are proving insufficient.

Including major causes of Food Crisis, there are certain issues which are needed to be tackled properly. The governments of such African countries are at enmity and instead of causing protection and support to relief teams, remained involve in violent activities and such attitude of governments is needed to be altered.

Efforts in the field of medical cure should be enhanced. The diseases especially AIDS adversely caused the work force. It is required from the food exporting countries that they put their helping hand with the Aid groups and provide donation in form of kind. The very significant effort is required to resolve the issue of global warming on the part of whole world which is causing ruthlessly to the environment of world. The issue of food security can be dealt through the donations made by wealthy individuals and it is required as well that they must be concerned to utilization of donation.

Including all relief efforts, it is essential to improve the food productivity by employing advanced agriculture inputs such as drought resistant seeds, affordable fertilizers and suitable methodologies such as crop rotation, plant spacing, weeding, etc. Additionally, animal raising activities should be considered.

There are plenty of ways to resolve the problem but the most required thing is sincerity and devotion to resolve the food crisis.