Jacque's Prayer


August 12, 1998

Dear Friends,

            At Kadahoue, one of the villages where Richard has been preaching, I recently taped Jacques leading the closing prayer in the Aja language.  He was not aware that I was taping it on our microcassette. He is a schoolteacher and became a Christian a few months ago.  Later, at home, we asked Hilaire, our language teacher, to help Richard and I translate it into English.  Here is the beautiful prayer:


            “Oh Lord, it is You who are ready with us.  From the beginning of this prayer, it is You we call.  But now, in your love, we enter this moment.  And it is your Word which Risha [Richard] brings.  He tells it to us through your name.”

            “But in our speaking here, we are able to sin in front of You, without even knowing it.  Sin has appeared in this village, Lord.”

            “Your peace is like a cloth and covers us.  Lord, we will leave this meeting now.  We take today and put it in your hands.  You will lead us well to our homes.  And You will lead our speaking well.  For each person who came to this meeting, we put our living in your hands.  You understand those who are in pain now.  Where there is not good health, You understand.  They appreciate what You do now.  You yourself understand them.  We are not able to see inside a person.  Lord, come cover your children with a cloth.  Lord, come cover all your children with a cloth.”

            “There are people who have a big load put on their heads by Satan, and it is difficult to be free from it on the face of the earth.  God, in the name of Jesus Christ, I ask you to come and take Satan’s load off of their heads.  Come and put a light load on their head.  And your praise will leave the face of the earth to the heavens.”

            “When we leave [this meeting] we put all the village of Kadahoue in your hands.  The village is close-minded and it is You who are able to speak to them, and they will be able to put their hearts on You and they find opportunity to open church houses here.  We are asking that their village will do well in their living.  Christ, we are asking that their whole village do well in their living.”

            “It is near Antoine’s house that we often meet.  We put our big brother [Antoine] in your hands. That he will have enough food, that he will have enough clothing.  It is You who gives to your children.  And You say, that it is You who gives food to the birds in the sky.  What about a man who you made?  Lord, I ask that you come cover your child with a cloth.  You will take all his sins away.  Your peace is a covering given to cover us.”

            “God pay attention to our prayer and put a blessing on it.  Bless the prayer of your dear children.  In the name of Jesus, we pray.  Amen.”


            A week and a half ago, Antoine, who is 58, (prayed for above) was baptized along with eleven others in his village.  We are thankful for Jacques’ prayer and for God’s answering it.

            Love, Cyndi Chowning