Chowning Report

August 15, 2001



For two and a half months we enjoyed being with family and friends, but now we are back in the work we enjoy. 

Thank you very much for the hospitality, love and understanding you showered on us while we were with you.  My waistline is evidence of the great meals you gave us. Cyndi and I are refreshed and charged. 


Cyndi's sister, Cathy, and her son Scott flew back with us and spent three weeks with us.  It was the first time for them to be in Africa.  We enjoyed showing them off to the churches. 


The bi-weekly meetings of leaders in the northern region continued while we were gone.  Two weeks ago I met with them.  It was great to witness them asking the condition of each congregation and commissioning specific leaders to meet with those that have problems they are unable to solve on their own.  They have also been collecting funds to help in future projects, such as buildings and transportation for preachers.  It will be some time before they have enough to begin to spend it.  They also made plans for the monthly cluster meeting.


We were able to be among the more than three hundred who attended that cluster meeting at Sinlita.  Many non-Christian people from Sinlita were moved by the singing and lessons.  Seventeen people were baptized at the close of the meeting.


I have had two meetings in a new village, Kanvihoue (KAHN-vi-hwey).  We met on primary school grounds the first time.  Mostly young people came.  I encouraged them to arrange for the next meeting to be under a tree in the center of the village.  A larger group, including many adults attended the second session.  It is too early to tell what the Lord will do here, but I am sure He wants to save as many as will respond.  Pray for them.


We were motivated by Ian Fair's lessons on Revelation at Homewood to translate the first five chapters of Revelation into Aja.  We finished the first draft of the first three chapters this morning.


Our grandson, Caleb, has really grown.  It is great to be able to hold him and play with him.  He is truly a blessing from the Lord.  David and Heather are still working on the adoption process for Caleb.  Pray that it goes smoothly.