Chowning Report- Benin

September 12, 2000


Since our last report, two congregations have been planted.  One of  them, Kiji (KEE-jee), was planted by national evangelists.  David worked with the Gbakonou (BAW-koh-new)  church for three weeks at Mijikohoue (mee-jee-KOH-hwey) and now they are helping them to grow further.  Praise the Lord!  That brings the total number of congregations to twenty-seven. 

            The Lord used the medical team from Homewood to bring about physical healing to hundreds of Aja and Fon people.  Their service encouraged the Christians and showed God's love to many non-believers, some of which are now meeting with the churches in their villages.  Thank you so much for sending Todd, Ginger, and Twila.  We look forward to an even greater experience next year.

            This is a time of transition in our work.   We, the Baileys, and Jim Kennell are here at the moment.  The Crowsons are with you.  The Hicks just left on furlough.  The Vaughns left unexpectedly the first of the month, because of illness.  They will return the 29th.  The Baileys arrived back here the end of August and have announced that they will leave the Aja work in December.

            Persecution continues in many forms.  During the medical clinic at Ainahoue (yee-NAW-hwey) police from three different towns were summoned to see what we were doing.  When they saw the good that was being done, they seemed embarrassed.  Christians at Agbanate (BAH-nah-tey) congregation were recently told that we missionaries have cut head, arms and legs off of Christians and sold them to people in Europe and America.  But, Satan still has not learned that persecution causes God's Kingdom to grow.  The Christians are also learning that their own jealousy and backbiting are far more damaging.