Aja Language Learning and Related Goals

for Chownings

Set in August 1997


First month:


q       Formulate a pattern for learning Aja before leaving Birmingham.  This will need adjusting on the field, and should be routinized by the end of the first month on the field.

q       Decide on criteria for levels of language learning, using LinguaLinks[1], and set goals for achieving them, before leaving Birmingham.

q       Decide who will be the language mentor(s) within the first two weeks of after arrival in Benin.

q       After a maximum of three weeks in Benin, spend at least ten days (24 hour periods) each month in an Aja village.  This will be the bonding pattern for four months.  Each of these experiences will consist of no less than two days at a time.  New goals will be set for bonding after this initial phase.

q       Be able to give a two-minute testimony of faith, in the Aja, within the first month after arrival. (Cyndi three months)


Second through sixth month:


q       Be able to tell a five-minute Bible story within the first two months after arrival. (Cyndi four months)

q       Give a fifteen-minute lesson after the first four months. (Cyndi five months)

q       Establish a preaching point within the first six months.

q       Establish a congregation within the first year.


Other goals:


q       Contribute an article in each issue of Your Aja Mission[2].

q       Statistical and written report to Homewood each month.  (a form for language learning period has been developed) 




[1] LinguaLinks is an extensive computer program developed and published by Summer Institute of Linguistics (Wycliffe Bible Translators).

[2] Joint newsletter by Crowsons and Chownings which will replace individual newsletters.  The other four months of the year a team newsletter will be published.