Chowning Report: Budding Leaders

January 9, 2001


Eight months ago Komi was worshiping the gods.  Now he worships the one true and living God.  This past Sunday morning we visited the Agbanate (BAH-nah-tey) congregation and heard Komi preach.  It is such a joy to see God give new Christians gifts "to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ" (Eph. 4:12).  Most of the thirty-one congregations have men who can give lessons.


Komi from Dandjihoue (dahn-JEE-hwey) has been a Christian for almost three years.  He baptized Komi from Agbanate and was instrumental in planting the church in that village.  In fact, he has been a vital participant in planting churches in Badjame (BAH-jaw-may), Numovihoue (NU-mow-vee-hwey), Dadohwi (dah-DOH-hwee), and Sinlita.  He can read Aja very slowly and must read it several times to himself to understand it.  Public reading is difficult for him.  Sharing the gospel message in lessons and songs is quite natural for him.  Christians and non-Christians hang on his words.


God has also gifted some as song leaders.  Antony and Inocence from Numovihoue (NU-mow-vee-hwey) lead singing with a huge amount of enthusiasm.  They clap not only with their hands, but with their whole body.  Song leaders here sing one song right after another without any pauses between the songs.  They don't have to stop to announce song numbers because everyone knows the songs by heart.  Singing Aja songs here is one of my most favorite parts of worship.


God has blessed  us to worship with these Christians, and we know that He will be bringing many more into His Kingdom.


….Richard Chowning