Richard and Cyndi's Year-End Report for 2000 and goals for 2001

The attached document is a detailed church growth study. I am sending this more personal year-end report that summarizes our work for the last year and lists our new goals for 2001. We will be on furlough during May, June and part of July of 2001. This was taken into consideration when we set goals.

Churches Planting

Church planting was the primary task you charged us with when you sent us here. It continues to be our primary concern. This year we reached our goal of planting four congregations: Agbanate (BAH-nah-tey), Kansouhoue (kahn-SUE-hwey), Sinlita, and Suime. A year ago we planted the Badjame (BAH-jaw-may) congregation. This year they planted Egahoue (eh-GAH-hwey) on their own. Beten, a young evangelist from our neighborhood, planted a new congregation in Kidji (KEY-jee).

Goal 2001: Plant 3 new congregations and mentor evangelists to plant 2 other congregations on their own.

Maturation of Previously Planted Churches

All of the congregations that we were working with at the beginning of the year moved into the next stage of maturation. They are: Dadohwi (dah-DOH-hwee), Numovihoue (NU-mow-vee-hwey), Badjame (BAH-jaw-may), Dekpo (DECK-po). However, before the year was over, Dekpo had developed some severe problems and is now attempting to revive itself.

Goal 2001: Have each congregation that is not Maturing Independently to move up one maturation level.

Leadership Training

I conducted formal and informal leadership training during the year.

Goal 2001: I will continue to work informally with four evangelists and begin formal Bible Knowledge sessions with leaders in the Northern areas. These formal sessions will take place in various locations.

Scripture Translation

We continue to spend approximately three hours per day Monday through Thursday translating scriptures into the language of the Aja people.

What translated: Completed Acts, Romans, Colossians, 1st & 2nd Timothy and Titus. We are currently working on Genesis. Revised Mark and Ephesians. Published a book containing Romans, 1st Corinthians (translated by David Hicks), Ephesians, Colossians, 1st and 2nd Timothy, and Titus.

Goal 2001: Complete Genesis and two other books. Get Mark/Acts book in circulation.