What Does God Know Anyway?

What does God know anyway?

.. there’s a husband with an empty place inside.

.. the dreams of the Kipsigis woman who longs for the daughter who died giving birth.

.. the heartache of a groom who’s bride suffered and died.

What does God know anyway?

.. the joy of holding a new born child.

.. the freshness after the rain.

.. the fulfillment of completing a task.

What does God know anyway?

.. warm spit sliding down his face and blood steaming down his body from his forehead to the

nail pinning his feet to the stake.

What does God know anyway?

.. the gut wrenching anguish of watching someone he has helped turn against him.

.. the delema of commitment and the price that must be paid.

What God knows most of all is ..

.. his labor, pain and determination brings eternal salvation and rest to those wiry and afraid.

What I want God to know is..

.. I praise his being and name because he knows me, really knows me, and loves me anyway.

........Richard Chowning